Sunday, August 24, 2008

new XO Live CD 080812

There is a new version of the XO Live CD out, the developmental joyride version, which may be downloaded from:

Wolfgang Rohrmoser writes:
Since OLPC joyride releases begin to stabilize after the transition to Fedora 9 and the SUGAR developper team has done a lot of reorganization work, a new release of the XO-LiveCD is available

This release is based on a recent joyride build 2282 and demonstrates many new SUGAR features. Activities have been added and updated to recent versions
I have found these new activities on this release, making it well worth the download:

X2o: A puzzle solving and critical thinking game similar to the Incredible Machine; make crazy contraptions to get the O back on top of the X
video chat: Video/voice chat
stop watch: Sharable stopwatch activity
pacman: A Pacman clone
develop: Development IDE/tool
gcompris: educational games
tux paint: Paint program for young children; stamps included, localized to 70 languages, stereo sound
guido van robot: Educational programming language, IDE and lessons; Stable with 18 lessons included
simcity: Construct and maintain your own city
xo-get: A GUI for installing and removing activities

For a list and description of all the activities, go to