Wednesday, August 06, 2014

two cartoons about the terror in Gaza

Both sides (Hamas, Israel) use terror against innocents and this has been ongoing for a very long time. What is relatively new, since 9/11, is that the terror is gradually being spread, world wide. Sooner or later, it may engulf us.

In my view a short term viable political solution could only arise if Israel was prepared to give up the West Bank and Hamas was prepared to recognise the state of Israel.

A longer term solution is even more problematic. Israel is occupied Palestine, it always has been, since its inception, occupied Palestine. The Palestinians and their descendants who were expelled after 1948 (using terror) have the right to return to their land with full citizens rights within Israel. If this happened they would eventually outvote the supporters of Zionism (the dubious idea that the Jewish religion ought to have a State, owing to the crimes of the Nazis)

Israel has become an albatross around the neck of US Imperialism. The US will continue to be hated in the Middle East as long as it bankrolls a Zionist state that has always used state terror against Palestinians.

This in turn, in the swamp of the Middle East, breeds a production line of recruits to Islamic fundamentalism and suicide bombers who commit atrocities against innocents in the West. That problem and its latest manifestation, ISIS or ISIL, won't go away and we will have to deal with it. The longer we delay dealing with it the worse it will become.

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Sinead Kerr said...

I believe an important aspect to keep in mind is that the scale of the Zionist USA/Israel war machine is much greater than that of the middle-east. This is obvious when you compare the environmental destruction and death toll between Israelis/Palestinians in this latest Operation. Furthermore, the military strategies of the Zionists are much more ruthless than that of Hamas e.g. targeting hospitals, ambulances and school-based refuges filled with women and children; killing anti-Israel activists/journalists; and using snipers to target civilians trying to find relatives under debris. One of the most disgusting moves Israel has made in this Operation has been slowing down the transportation of aid into Gaza. Doctors in Gaza claim that many of the wounded have died as a result of the lack of aid, otherwise they would have survive (in the 2008 Operation this was not the case and there was ample supply of aid crossing into Gaza from Egypt). Hence, I think Zionist terrorism is much more of a threat to the innocent.
I equate targeting a refugee camp (Gaza) in which no one can escape to 9/11.
It is disappointing that this devolution of incorporating civilians in the "battle field" is evident in this day and age. Even in the dark ages civilians were rarely attacked in wars as war was the duty for soldiers only. Furthermore, the King would accompany and fight alongside the soldiers- these days the "leaders"are well protected from being harmed on the war fronts.