Friday, November 15, 2013

high class soft thinking (Twiggy Forrest)

Awaken, hosted by Stan Grant (Friday 15th November)

After some discussion about Twiggy Forrest's considerable efforts to create 65,000 indigenous jobs, Stan Grant ventured to ask about the importance of indigenous culture. Twiggy's phrase in response "high class soft thinking" was new to me but it was refreshing to hear him tackle this question head on and sharply.
Stan Grant: Is this just about having a job? What about preserving culture and being strong in your culture?

Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest: Ok Stan, I call that high class soft thinking.

The difference between a job is not having a job. The difference between a job is welfare.

If you want to see the rapid degradation of aboriginal, customs and law then put it into welfare. It happens real fast.

You maintain traditions by having pride in yourself and your work. When you go to China they are very Chinese but also able to go toe to toe with you in any professional environment. They haven't lost any of their culture or history. They love it.

It's soft thinking to say that indigenous people aren't capable of having employment and keeping their culture. That's just soft thinking white fella' rubbish. People who are on the grog on welfare lose their culture fast.

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