Tuesday, May 18, 2010

scientists: neither angels or devils

Roger Pielke jnr runs a great blog on the connection between the science, politics and policy making of the global warming issue.

If our future ex politicians Kevin Rudd and Malcom Turnbull had been aware of him then they would not have so much egg on their faces now

Some say that AGW demands immediate policy action. eg. James Hansen has participated in demonstrations against the opening of new coal plants. Others say that the science has now been exposed as a fraud, following the climategate emails. Pielke's position is that the science and the policy can be detached, that good future energy policy can be developed despite the unavoidable uncertainties that accompany the science. The scientists are neither angels or devils. Like everyone else they are caught up in the machinations of our capitalist society. (the last sentence is mine, not Pielke's, who is a blue dog Democrat)

I left this comment on Roger's blog:
Just a thank you for your great blog

thanks for link to pdf (The Development of the U.S. Global Change Research Program: 1987 to 1994), your early detection and analysis of the issues of the connection b/w science and policy is noteworthy

great doghouse cartoon too - I admire the way you combat the slings and arrows of your critics with calm detachment and humour

your blog is a great model of those who advocate (1) transparency (2) open engagement, including engagement with critics (the judith curry principles)

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